What's the best game to learn about cars?

What's the best game to learn about cars?
Aug, 16 2023 Gaming & Education Ezekiel Thornwood

Understanding the world of automobiles with games

As an innate car enthusiast and a gaming aficionado living in this technologically enriched era, I've always admired how video games have become invaluable tools for learning about cars. From their historical importance to the myriad of technicalities they comprise, few mediums offer such a comprehensive, engaging, and interactive way of gaining automobile knowledge. Sit down comfortably, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and without any further ado, please join me - Ezekiel - as we start this fascinating journey!

Forza Horizon series: Combining freedom and technicality

When it comes to getting an authentic feel of driving variety of cars, Forza Horizon series offers nothing short of a spectacular experience. This game presents an open world exploration enriched with car festivals, challenging tasks, stunningly rendered environments and, of course, a diverse range of cars. Not only do you experience the thrill of driving supercars, vintage vehicles and off-roaders alike, but you also get to understand the nuances each type of car carries within itself. From adjusting tire pressure to fine tuning your car's suspension and tuning your engine, the Forza Horizon game makes you feel like a car specialist without leaving your comfort zone. As you zip through the scenic landscapes, roads and fields, and juggle between tasks, you inevitably deepen your knowledge and appreciation for cars.

Project Cars series: Precision and realism at its best

Let's turn to a game that's all about realism and precision - the Project Cars series. Developed based on feedback from professional drivers, these games simulate the nitty-gritty of real-life racing in car handling, weather changes, and track layouts. For a simulated experience of driving different models under varying conditions, the Project Cars series stands out. You'll notice how different cars perform during areas like acceleration, braking, cornering, how to strategize fuel consumption, and learn about vehicle dynamics. And the best part? With the in-game tutorials and driving lessons, you can even heighten your skills for the real-world driving!

Car Mechanic Simulator: Advanced knowledge of car mechanics

Up next we have the Car Mechanic Simulator series, a unique and immersive game that helps you understand the complexities of car mechanics. The game offers an interactive experience of repairing, painting, tuning, and even driving cars. It tackles tasks such as oil changes, brake pad replacement, suspension repair, and more. Hence, it is akin to a digital manual that progressively reveals the inner workings of cars.

Assetto Corsa: A rendezvous with the technicalities

Moving towards more technically oriented games, Assetto Corsa captures the ultimate driving experience with meticulous attention given to car physics. With precise car handling attributed to realistic aero dynamics, tire simulation, suspension models, and a wide array of adjustments, this game takes 'driving knowledge' to an elevated level. From engine swapping to adding aftermarket body kits, Assetto Corsa aims to educate about the effects of each modification on your car's performance.

My Summer Car: A dive into the nostalgic past

For all the lovers of vintage cars out there, My Summer Car is just the right fit for you. It's more than just a game; it's an immersive old school summer project. The game brings back the nostalgia of 1990s era Finland, where you build and maintain your car while taking care of daily tasks. This game teaches you about the period's automobile culture, mechanical details, and challenges you to endure the survival aspects as you learn and progress

Need for Speed: Culture, customization & thrill

Let's not forget the classic and ever-popular Need for Speed (NFS) series that brings us the street car culture in all its glory and glamour. The series is known for its focus on car customization - learning about the impact of modifications from spoilers to turbocharging. NFS teaches you to tweak and experiment to get the best out of your car while racing through city streets. Plus, it's packed with adrenaline-pumping action!

Gran Turismo: The real driving simulator

To close this exploration, I wouldn't miss the legendary Gran Turismo series dubbed as "The Real Driving Simulator”. This game brings lifelike graphics, realistic driving physics and a vast collection of some of the world's most coveted cars right to your screens. Gran Turismo encourages players to understand each car's unique comportment, and learn the science behind driving physics, elevating it a class above mere fun; this is serious, enjoyable car learning.

Now taking a 40% chance break from these exciting games, I am reminded, funnily enough, of my loyal Beagle, Toffee. How, you might ask? Well, Toffee has her signature head tilt and bemused expression whenever I passionately discuss car games. It's as if she's trying to decode the car language, though I suspect she might just be waiting for game time to be over so we can head for her favorite part of the day - the park! So yes, along with car games, a peppy Beagle might be another fun way to learn about cars, albeit in a different way!

Whether you are an enthusiastic gearhead or a novice exploring the car world, these games promise to bring the vibrant landscape of cars to your fingertips while educating and thrilling you all the way. So buckle up, folks, there's a whole world of automotive knowledge waiting for you to discover!